Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Soap Swap - swirls

As I was surfing other soap blogs on how they can keep on soaping without filling up their houses with soaps, I learned that most sell their soaps or give away to family and friends.  For now,  I am giving to friends and family as well.   I would like to eventually be able make consistently great batches of soaps and sell them as well.  I am glad I luckily I happened upon the soapqueen's  post regarding soap swapping which Bramble Berry host a few times a year. 

Since I just started soap making, this will be my first time and I am very excited to join.  I still have to learn to formulate my own recipe.  But I don't want to take the risk of failing an experiment for the swap.  So I made the same recipe I did for my Spoon Swirl soap. 

Basically the idea is to make 12 soaps at least 4 oz. each, mail the box to Bramble Berry before the due date and you get a box of 12 different soaps back.  We just have to use their fragrance or essential oils.  My first batch makes only 2 to 3 oz. soaps.  But my second batch made 9 soaps which  were a good 4 oz. plus each.  So I will need to make 2 batches for the swap.

I used Bramble Berry's Energy fragrance oil blended with Bramble Berry's Lavender 40/42 essential oil.

As for the pouring technique.  I used a cardboard as a divider, but realized too late that I did not have enough colored soaps so I poured uncolored soaps alternately with the colored soaps.  Then I swirled it before adding my top layer using 3 condiment bottles.
My plan was to do a Mantra Swirl but can't help myself and did a few rows horizontally as well which would make it a  widely spaced Taiwan Swirl I guess.

Hopefully, it will turn out fine.  We shall see in a few days when I cut them.


  1. The swaps are a great way to meet other soapers and get feedback about your soaps, great idea to join! I love the colors you chose for this and the swirls are so pretty. I haven't had much luck with the mantra/taiwan swirls, but yours turned out just lovely! Happy swapping! :)

    1. Thank you Cee, I am nervous and excited at the same time. Hope the people who received my soaps will like them. I just unmolded this batch and they looked ok. Will take pictures of the cut tomorrow. Then make the second batch to have all 12 required for the swap.