Saturday, March 15, 2014

Earth Soap = 3rd Drop Swirl

These soaps were inspired by my field trip to the planetarium with my 4th grader's class.  The colors white and blue are swirled using the "in-the-pot" swirl technique and it's supposed to represent the astronauts' view of Earth from space.  Then I drop swirled a green colored melt and pour into the cold processed soap.
I used Bramble Berry's Santa's Spruce for this soap as this is  my goodbye winter soap.
Just out of the mold before cutting.
I like the blue swirls they almost look like Earth.
Another view of the finished products.  My 5 year old daughter said I should take picture of each of them because they all look different.
Here is the video of the making for Earth Soap.  The kids have a 3 day weekend and were watching me, trying to get their pet dog "Bandit" in the video and some other distractions.


  1. That turned out so cool! What did you think of using the melt and pour in the cold process? I've never done that before...any pointers?

    1. It did turned out good Cee, thank you very much. I like the melt and pour addition, it gave a different textured look to the soap. After a few days of curing, you can still tell that melt and pour was used.

    2. Thanks, I will have to give it a try! :)