Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Cupcake Soaps


Since I was already making soap favors yesterday.  I thought of trying my hands at making mini soap cupcakes as well.  My daughter is turning 6 soon, so these would be perfect as birthday giveaways for her classmates.
These are made using my usual 2 pound recipe using Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil and Castor oil.  I used Baby Clean fragrance oil from Nature's Garden.  I am quite happy with Nature's Garden, their shipping process was fast and prices are good too.  Will know the quality of their products soon after these soaps cure.  The colors were supposed to be pink and white but I can't seem to get the pink I like so I added Americana Red and is happy with the result I got.  The swirl is called "in-the-pot swirl" technique.  I can't insulate them by wrapping them in towel.  So I used Cold Process Oven Process for this and they went in to the oven at 170 degress for one hour.
I had to pick the kids up from school around the time my hubby gets home, so I had to put a note that say "Don't Eat = Soaps".  Just to make sure he does not try to touch or eat them.  The above picture shows the color of the soaps spot on.
 Picture above is to show the glitters I added and the white and red swirls.  But it turned out a little brighter than I want.
I was able to make 24 mini soap cupcakes which weigh about 1 to 2 oz each and 4 regular size cupcakes about 3 to 4 oz each.
 Below I have 3 parts video of the process.  I had to pause the video to make it shorter but I still need to learn how to put the videos into one episode.  Sorry about the leg of the stand showing and the screen a little off where the action is. Will try to make sure I get better angle of the soaping action next time.


  1. I love these - you did such a great job piping the rosettes on top of the cupcakes. Good thing you put that sign up...they look so real!

    1. Thank you Cee. It was fun making them and they did turn out delish, heheheh.