Friday, April 18, 2014

Falling In Love

Yesterday's project scented with "Falling In Love" fragrance oil.  Ingredients include Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, Rice Bran oil and Castor oil.  For the colors I used, Titanium Dioxide, Matte Woodland Green, Stained Glass Yellow and Neon pink.  I also added a teaspoon of sodium lactate to harden the soap and add to the soap's moisturizing ability.
Cutting was done this morning while the hubby was home.  I asked for his opinion of the scent and he went = "hmmmmm Fresh"
Just out of the oven:
  I lined only the wide side of the mold to see if it will prevent the bubbling oven processing produced on the sides of the soap.  As you can see, that mystery is solved.  The side that was not lined have bubble marks while the lined side is smooth.
The cupcakes below are both still very hard and stubbornly won't come out.  I also made mini cupcakes with diplomas on top but I forced them out of the mold and were all destroyed.
The batter did not harden enough to make a good piping texture so the frosting is flat.  The plan was to make a higher frosting with the heart on top.
These two will just be perfect for my mama and mother in law for mother's day.  If they will eventually come out of the mold intact of course.
Happy Soaping!!! 


  1. Hi,
    I love the colours of your 'falling in love' pretty.
    And also good to see for definite about the bubbling...I like it when there is a clear-cut result with an experiment. Problem solved!!
    Hmm - piping....I am just not brave enough to give it a go! I make so much mess as it is, I think it would be a recipe for disaster!
    Keep soaping, and thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences.

    1. Thank you Jo. I was glad to learn that it was just the mold and nothing about the soao recipe that was causing the bubbles too.
      I am so hooked to soaping, I don't think I can stop any time soon.
      Just finished piping, not as pretty as I was hoping but was able to do it, will post pictures tomorrow after cutting.

  2. The Falling in Love soap looks great. The colors are so spring-like and yummy!

    1. Thank you infusionsblog. I really love your entry for the challenge. I voted for it and tried to make my version of it this morning. I will post tomorrow after I cut them. I still have a lot of practicing to do to be able to pipe good.

      I can't click "like" in wordpress.