Friday, April 4, 2014

Faux Funnel Swirl Soap


Project yesterday was a faux funnel swirl of titanium dioxide for white, matte cobalt blue ultramarine, neon mango madness and woodland green.  Fragranced with a blend of sunny herb garden and tangerine samples from Bramble Berry.  I saw a youtube tutorial using this swirl technique which is a modified version of a real funnel swirl and thought that it should be doable for a newbie like me.
Recipe used was the basic recipe in the Everything Soapmaking Book which includes Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil and Castor oil.
I thankfully read my messages before starting this project and was able to read a comment from Jo on my previous post.  She mentioned she has read from the soap queen's blog about the tiny bubbling problems silicone molds produces during oven process.  So yesterday after pouring all the soap batter, I just insulate the mold by wrapping it in a towel.
As expected, my colors are not as vivid as I wanted to.  But then I haven't used these same color combination in an oven processed soap yet.  So I don't really have a clear comparison of results.  I might try this same colors with oven process next time.  At least I did not get any bubbling at all this time.  Thank you Jo for the information.  Now I don't have to continue the search on the cause of those pesky little bubbles. 
But as you can see in the pictures below, the soap is smooth.  I will try to do the same color combination for my next batch, oven process it and see if we can do a proper comparison.  But then the addition of the fragrance oils I used did changed the colors of this soap batter. 
The scratches on the sides were caused by my being too impatient at removing the soap out of the mold.  Otherwise, it is all smooth.

I showed the hubby a bar after cutting it and the first thing that he said was - wow! a smiley, was that intentional?
Happy Soaping!


  1. Yaaay! for smileys....what a brilliant comment. Now all you have to do is be able to say 'Intentional? Of course, darling' with a straight face!
    That's really interesting about the least either they can be embraced as a feature or there's the option of a different mould for oven process. Thanks for the feedback.
    Again, congratulations on the colour combo....I love the delicate shade of the mango madness...

    1. Intentional is one thing soapers don't do as I have observed. Even those that have been doing it and has been consistently making beautiful soaps, they always still have to wait and see how the soap turns out.
      That is what I like about soaping, it may be planned but the final product is still how the soap wants to turn out to be. It's an unpredictable craft.