Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Flower Attempt

Pictures are not depicting the real colors,  it is a sunny spring day but my pictures are shady.  I apologize for that.
As tempting as it was watching all the soapers on youtube with their fancy swirling on top of their soaps, I held off until a few weeks ago and finally bought a slab mold.    I like the idea of swirling more designs on top of my soaps.  Got this 9 bar slab mold from Bramble Berry.  I am eyeing another mold but will have to wait and see before I really invest in a mold.
This soap is supposed to be my attempt at swirling roses and leaves.  It did not turned out as planned.

Picture below was taken right after I poured the batter and tried to swirl the rose and leaves.
This was the first time I used this soap recipe from Soap Crafting book.  It included  palm oil, coconut oil, avocado butter, avocado oil and olive oil.  Fragranced with Sweet Bay Rose, colored with matte cobalt blue ultramarine, woodland green and Americana red with some non-bleeding red colorant.
I was not sure how to remove the dividers off the soap but the picture above showed one side successfully removed.  Picture below showed the back of the soap.  It did not come out as smooth as I wanted, but I was finally able to get all the soaps out.
Happy Soaping!!!

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