Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cool Cucumber - In The Pot Swirl

Fragranced with Cool Cucumber, the hubby said, it smell clean and fresh.  Ingredients were coconut oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, mango butter and castor oil.  Colored with woodland green and titanium dioxide.
Since the batch my mom just made also used a blue that now looked green and white, I decided to do an "in-the-pot swirl with this batch making the green as the base and made cupcakes with the batter as well. 
I popped the loaf mold and the cupcakes into the oven to get more out of the colors.  I forgot to take pictures of the soap before and after oven processing.  Afternoon soap making always end up a bit hectic. These were taken this morning before cutting.
I have to really start making my frosting as bit taller.
Happy Soaping!


  1. Those look great! Cool cucumber sounds like a great scent for summer.

    1. Thank you soapsudcations, I am starting to add to my fragrance oil collection and this is one is going to be one of the keepers as well.