Friday, September 19, 2014

Beer Soap

My very first beer soap.   I saw a lot of beer soaps posted in facebook soaping groups and about how good a beer soap is to the skin.  So when a friend posted that they make their own beer and offered to give me the leftover (beer gunk), I did not hesitate to accept and started researching for what and how to use beer gunk in handmade soaps.
Container to the left is the beer, it was left to air out for at least a day to make it flat to prevent volcano effect when the lye (sodium hydroxide) is added.  Container to the right is the gunk. 
Cold beer container was put on top of a pot of ice to keep it from heating up when we add the lye.  Oils used were Olive oil, Rice Bran oil, Palm oil, Coconut oil and Castor oil.  I did not add any additives, fragrance oils or colors to this batch.
After designing the top, the soap mold was placed inside the freezer to prevent gelling of the batter.  Most soapers advise freezing beer and milk soaps.
After 24 hours I cut the soap.  It was still a little on the soft side but was already doable.
The hubby said it smell like "rose" and my son said it smell like "baby powder".  Can't wait to see how it will perform in the shower.
Happy Soaping.

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