Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chocolate Lover's Cupcake Soap

These cupcake soaps were scented with Chocolate Lover's fragrance oil. and sprinkled with iridescent sparkles.

The above and below pictures showed the original vision for these project. 


After a few hours of the saponification process.  I lost the creamy color of the frosting.  I had hoped for the color to changed to a very light creamy brown and the cupcake part to go even more darker as the soap cures.
Overall, I think the cupcakes and the frosting looks good enough to eat and that was what my daughter said when I showed her the finished product.
I don't have a video of this batch but had made a cupcake episode a while back.  Please click KCKsoaps  and enjoy the youtube videos I had made so far.

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