Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Foaming Dead Sea Salt Bath or Shower Scrub

Go ahead a scoop up some of these and dissolve with your warm bath water, or gently scrub onto your skin, then rinse off.
If you love a foamy bath or gentle shower scrub, these Dead Sea salts in a foaming bath gel would be perfect.  You get the benefits of Dead Sea salts, the bubbles and gentle exfoliation all in one. 
 This contains Dead Sea salt, bath gel, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil and skin safe colorants.

This batch is scented with the same fragrance oil I used with my "Winterland" and "Christmas Eve" artisan soaps.


  1. This sounds great for shower soap-salt. Would you share the recipe?

    1. I got recipe from nature's garden Jim. Here's the link: