Monday, January 19, 2015

Crisp Pear Herb Garden

Last week was a sad week for my mother's family and I was not as motivated as I should.  But with the arrival of my goodies from Bramble Berry I was able to envision a soap design.
Colors I was thinking of were green, yellow and white using the fragrance oil Sunny Herb Garden and Crisp Anjou Pear.  I tried to achieve a bright yellow using the yellow silt clay but was hesitant to add too much.
Fragrance used was a combination of Crisp Anjou Pear and Sunny Herb Garden.  Crisp Anjou Pear fragrance is described as sweet and fresh at the same time. While the Sunny Herb Garden is described as fresh picked herbs.  It combines the fresh aromas of rosemary, thyme, sage, and basil with a soft lavender undertone.
 I planned to have a white base, drop swirled with green and yellow for herbs and pear.  Unfortunately, I forgot to add my butters to the oils and had to add warm butters to the batter which was already at trace.  This was also my first time to use silt clay which absorbs water.  I guess the combination of both warm butters and the clay contributed to the batter thickening fast and the colored batters were not able penetrate the white base.
Skin yummy oils added to this batch were Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Palm Oil and Castor Oil.
I may add a little bit more clay next time I use it again.
A few days after pouring, ready for cutting.
Happy Soaping!

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