Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mother and Father's Day Melt and Pour Soap

Monday's soaping project was to embed my printed mother and father's quotes.  Letting them air dry for a few days worked since the colors did not bleed at all.  Mother's Day quotes were fragranced with Wholesale Supplies Plus' Sweet Bay Rose fragrance oil. 

Father's Day soaps were fragranced with Bramble Berry's Shave and A Haircut fragrance oil.

These are the back of the soaps.  Moms colors are a combination of red/blue mica and activated charcoal while the dads were colored with blue and activated charcoal for black as well. 
The last layer got a little bit wrinkled.  I have to check on how to prevent that from happening again for the next ones.  Some of the top clear layer stayed in the mold and did not came out with the soaps

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