Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Failed Cupcake Soaps

I was so excited with the arrival of my oils on Monday.  But since I like working on my projects in the mornings, I waited until yesterday (Tuesday) to make another batch of soaps.
I planned to start around 9 but was not able to start blending the oils until 1130.  The soaping angels must be helping other newbie soapers since every step I did took too long.
I  tried a new recipe from a new soaping book I bought "Soap Crafting" by Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry.  The recipe includes rice bran oil which is supposed to be very skin loving and very good for sensitive and mature skin.  I also tried a new fragrance oil from Nature's Garden.  Nothing turned out as expected.
Even the camera quit on me.  The memory was full and it stopped recording in the middle of my chat about this project. 
The only thing that went right was the color.  I finally got the pink I wanted.

Off to the next project and hopefully I get my soaping angel back on my side.


  1. Looks like the fragrance oil caused the soap to rice up. If you want to mess with it, you could rebatch and make a hot process loaf instead. The pink would probably stay pretty true, maybe get a little whiter when the white part is mixed in.

    1. Ewenique, thank you very much for the info. Hot process still sounds very intimidating for a new soaper like me. I will do that once I get more courage to try a new technique.