Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pink Cupcake Soaps

These cupcakes were made using Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil and Castor oil.  Fragrance used was China Rain and colorants neon pink and titanium dioxide for the white. 

The mini cupcakes were put in the oven for an hour at 170 degrees while the big cupcakes were just at room temperature.   As of the moment, the colors of the mini cupcakes are more vibrant to me.  We shall see how tomorrow will be.
Happy Soaping!



  1. Hi,
    Congratulations......wasn't it just yesterday I was reading about your cupcake glitch?
    What a transformation, these look gorgeous - wish I could learn and master a technique this quickly!
    Wishing you lots of happy soapy success,

    1. Hello Jo,
      Thank you very much. I had a very bad soaping day, the day before this. But was able to pull this one off. Thank you.

  2. Those cupcakes turned out great! I like the sparkles on top!

    1. Thank you Ewenique, I am really enjoying the look of adding some sparkles on the soap.