Friday, March 21, 2014

My First Candle

My very first votive candles.  I bought the supplies when I was debating between soap making or candle making last year.  Soap making won my heart and as I play and learn more about it, I fell in love with the craft. 
After posting so much about my soaps, I finally got some of my friends to notice my soaps.  But some asked about candles.  Since I used up my olive oil supply,  I end up dabbling and flirting with candle making today.  This obviously is not my first love but there is nothing turn offy about the craft.  It is also fun and I know if I read and watch more candle makers there will also be an infinite way of designing and making candles.
 I think these creamy white soy votive candle scented with cucumber melon fragrance oil are just what candles are supposed to look, feel and smell like.  They came out of the mold after an hour so easily.  Now I just have to check if they will burn as long as they should.
I need more practice at making sure the wick is centered.  I saw some candle makers glue the wick in place before pouring the wax.  I will do that on my next candles for sure.


  1. How fun! Do you have to let candles cure?

    1. It was fun Cee. Trying new craft happens when a newbie soaper used up all her olive oils. Anyways, no curing for candles Cee. I used soy wax, melt them and pour in the mold, I tipped it over after about an hour and off it came out. Easy and I might try whipping the wax and see if I can have the same result as other candlemakers. Lots of designing possibilities as well in this craft. That olive oil should come soon.

    2. Nice, I love the look of whipped candles too! Have fun! :D