Monday, March 24, 2014

Winter 2014 Soap Swap Goodies

I went to buy supplies to restock our pantry and came home to a full blown snow fall as if the weather forgot it is supposed to be spring already.  My heart fluttered as I got inside the house and found a few boxes of shipment which included my supply of Olive oil and a box of handmade soaps from BrambleBerry Soap Swap.

Thank very much to Bramble Berry for hosting and sending extra goodies along with the 12 soaps.  I also received sunny herb garden fragrance oil and neon blue Raspberry colorant.  Bramble Berry also sent a soap that was made by the soap queen herself to the first packages they received for the swap.

I got Summer Melon Spritzer by Tara Keener, Fresh Snow Swirl by Sinsear Soap

Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap which did not include the name of the maker,  Pine Forest by Mt. Lebanon Soap Company
 Rose Cake Soap by Little Haven Soap, My Beau by Junction Soap Works, Pineapple Salsa Soap by Winberg Bathworks
 Honey Sunshine Soap by Lila Honeybee, Spiced Apple Cider by Bath Alchemy Lab
 Amazon Lily and Rain and Lemon Grass Soap both did not contain the name of its maker as well

and Rosehip Jasmine made by Livvie Kate Soap Co.  These are all so beautiful and smells wonderful.  All the different colors and packaging are unique and beautiful.  So much to learn from all these soapers.
It now stopped snowing. 
 Happy Soaping everyone...


  1. Ooo, you got some pretty soaps! I received my soap swap box from BrambleBerry today and your Lavender Energy soap was in it! Thank you! The pink and blue swirl is so pretty, and I especially like the textured top. I plan to do a post about the swap on my blog soon and will be sure to send you a link!

    1. Thank you Ewenique. This is such a great way to learn from each other. I love soaping... Can't wait for you link. Saw the pic in facebook and you got a whole bunch of beautiful soaps yourself.

  2. I received my box today too, and one of your Lavender Energy bars is in it. I love it! I'll be writing a review soon.

    1. You are very welcome. This is so much fun. I will surely visit your links. Can't wait to see your goodies too Seldom Seen.