Monday, June 23, 2014

Cigar Band Packaging

Cigar band packaging for handmade soaps.  I used my translucent cardstock from Meijer and cut them lengthwise into three.  The ends were sealed by the label which listed the ingredients used and the weight of the soaps.  The labels were from, I bought from the crafting aisle of our local Meijer store as well.
I like that the designs on top and the swirls are all visible and that sniffers can smell the soap as much as they want.   Some soapers shrink wrap the soaps either before or after the cigar band to limit too much touching and sniffing.  I tried  shrink wrap and I still need to practice how to tighten the wrap to make them look more professional.
I am trying this out and hope shoppers will like them.  They still look a little on the plain side.  I needed a logo design I can incorporate into the label.  Will have to work on that soon.
Thank you for visiting.


  1. Hi, I really like these, especially the fact that you can still see the design in the soap through the cardstock. And the simplicity means the packaging doesn't distract from the soap itself....until you work out your logo (exciting! I will watch this space!!) how about a border around the type? I am useless with computers so have no idea if that would be easy or difficult to do! Oh, and I love your soaps by the way! jo

    1. Thank you Jo. My huge struggle in the soapmaking process is packaging and labelling. Hopefully I will find what I will really like and will please my target customers soon.