Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cupcake Packaging

While I am still in my quest for that packaging and labelling design I can truly be happy with.  Here is the packaging I found at a local Michael's store for my soap cupcakes.
 The numerous ways to package and label handmade soaps are infinite.  I am still finding myself totally confused whenever it is time to package my soaps to sell at my local consignment store and salon.  At first I was looking at ways to eliminate too much touching (fingers and nose) to the soap.  So I decided on shrink wraps.  That definitely solves the touching part.  But shrink wraps are made of plastic and are not eco friendly. 
These cupcake boxes can be recycled.  The window is plastic, but I could just not include those in my own packaging.  I guess the search is on for soap boxes with windows to see and smell the soap that will fit my soaps.  Now if I can only make and cut my soaps uniformly in size and shape.  It could get tricky since I love playing with the top of my soaps and piping frosting can add height to the bars.
Thank you to my friend "J" for ordering these cupcake soaps.  I hope your sister-in-law will love them.
Surfing around for more handmade soap packaging ideas and soap boxes.  If you find one or some that you think would be perfect.  Please don't hesitate to contact me. 


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