Wednesday, June 4, 2014

First Pencil Line using Cocoa Powder


I am pretty happy with the result of the cocoa powder pencil line.  I was not sure about the amount I was spreading but I am definitely glad the powder is visible and made a line albeit a bit crooked.
Colors used were deep purple, stained glass yellow, woodland green and titanium dioxide.  Fragranced with wildflower honey and lavender.  The hubby said it smelled fresh with a hint of cinnamon, cloves and baby powder.  Ingredients were my usual Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rice Bran oil, Palm oil, Mango butter, Castor oil.  I also oven processed this batch.
My mom and I did a drop swirl layer and spread it with cocoa powder and then did another layer of drop swirl and another layer of cocoa powder.  We cut the loaf using a wide kitchen knife with the help of the mitre box to keep a consistent thickness of the bars.  This batch is the first soap loaf I did not use the crinkle soap cutter.  I though it might be too much with the drop swirl and the pencil line to also have a crinkle cut.  Hope you guys will like it.  My ten year old said he is finally proud of my soap. 
Happy Soaping!


  1. Hi, That is a gorgeous soap ... love the colour combo, and I'm very impressed with the pencil line. The one time I tried using cocoa powder, I followed the advice about blowing on the powder to make it stick & ended up wearing most of it. Not a good look!!! Great creation, well done, jo

    1. Thank you Jo. I also watched a few videos that shows the blowing technique. Glad I forgot that part. The pencil line did turn out fine and the layers stayed intact until now.