Saturday, May 31, 2014

Red White and Blue

My mom's second batch of soap.  A friend suggested a red, white and blue soap and my mom decided she would like to try the tiger swirl.
Ingredients were olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, mango butter, rice bran oil, palm kernel oil and castor oil. 
The hubby had a sniff of the soap and said he would buy this soap in a heartbeat. The soap bars are "unscented". We originally decided on adding wild flower/honey and lavender fragrance oil but as you can see in the video, we had a little mishap that distracted us and we forgot to add the fragrance oil.  We realized it while we were pouring the batter to the mold.  I did add some fragrance to the batter we planned to make into cupcakes.  Still needs to practice piping a higher frosting without plopping some frosting on top.
We oven processed this batch and I liked how the colors turned out.  Some ash formed on top.  I asked a soaping facebook group about how to clean up this aesthetic problem.  I put together all suggestions and ran the loaf under running hot water.
There are still remnants of ash in this picture but they cleaned up good after I dried off the water with paper towel.
This picture showed the back of the soap.
Happy Soaping!

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