Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cranberry Fig Peppermint

I am not sure about this batch.  It was meant to be a Christmas soap batch but my colors morphed.  I used the same colors I used for my first Christmas batch in the post before this, but used a slab mold this time.  My 6 year old daughter said it looked so simple since the soap is just plain white with decorations only on top.  It shows how creamy the white part really is and I liked that look though. 
The picture above was taken right after I finished the designs.  It was not as I had planned but the hubby had a peek when he came home and said "I see Holly".
Picture above is copied from Wikipedia and it was the look I was aiming for.
This was how it looked like 24 hours after being insulated in the wooden mold.  The green morphed with shades of purple and the red is not as bright as expected.
Ingredients used were from the new favorite recipe which includes Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rice Bran oil, Palm oil, Mango butter, Castor oil and Avocado oil.  Skin loving additives added were Tussah Silk, colloidal oatmeal and white Kaolin Clay.  I also added peppermint essential oil to the cranberry fig fragrance oil.

 Should I still call this my "Christmas Soap" or just "A Fall Soap"?

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  1. With the peppermint, it sounds more like a Christmas soap. I don't know how cranberry fig smells like but it sounds wonderful and festive especially with the peppermint. I love anything minty. :)

    1. Thank you Silvia. I like cranberry fig, it has a nice scent too. But the peppermint stands out more in this soap. I will do as you suggest and describe this as Christmas since it is minty more than anything else.