Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chocolate Lavender

Made this batch on Sunday, I sliced a bar off yesterday (Monday) but had to stop since the loaf was too soft.  I cut the rest of the loaf today (Tuesday) just because I am starting to get impatient.  But it was still a little on the soft side.
Ingredients were my usual Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Palm Oil, Mango Butter and Castor Oil.  I have been playing with the amount of each of the different oils.  This particular recipe turned out to be the softest of them all. 
Skin loving additives added were Tussah silk and white kaolin clay. 
The texture of the soap batter was just perfect for piping.  The chocolate brown layer was fragranced with Chocolate Lover's while the white and purple were scented with lavender essential oil.
I am happy with the result.  Just have to wait a few more days before I can unmold the little ghosts and snowflakes.

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