Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gingered Bergamot

Gingered bergamot is an exotic fragrance with citrus top notes of bergamot surrounded with nuances of freshly ground ginger combined with notes of sandalwood, cedar, Indian patchouli, and sweet basil.
 Drop swirl of the green, white and yellow (look orange when wet, hopefully it will turn yellow as it cures).  This was then swirled with chopstick.
Covered the chopstick swirl with white and poured the leftover batter randomly on top.
Swirled the top using chopstick.  This swirl technique is so fun to do it is becoming a favorite. 
Iridescent glitter sprinkled on top.
Love the look of this loaf.

This is the back of the loaf.

Every bar is so different and I think I just found a swirling technique I love doing repeatedly.
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