Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Party Giveaways

I apologized for not writing as much as I had been doing.  The month of May came and all of a sudden - Life happens.  Everybody hibernating in the winter months are now very awake and out partying.  The following projects kept me busy for the month of May. 
Thank you very much for all the orders.  Greatly appreciated and I hope you guys love them.

These musical  soaps were giveaways from a music therapist to her students.

Pink cupcakes with butterflies were a little girls birthday giveaways for her classmates.

 These full size cupcakes in yellow and black are graduation party giveaways.  They travelled all the way to Missouri.
Butterflies for a 90 year old birthday party giveaways.

Graduation open house giveaways.

A nephew and a friend graduated college this year. 

These are mini cupcakes.

.Hope everybody who received these giveaways enjoy the soaps.  Again, thank you very much. 

Congratulations to all the graduates!


  1. Loving the energy this season is bringing! All of these soap bars are so pretty. Loving the musical soap =)

  2. I just love these party giveaways. So adorable and chic! Thank you very much for the ideas as I can use them as party favors on my cousin’s birthday that she is going to celebrate at one of the prettiest party places Miami.