Sunday, March 22, 2020

Pure Goat's Milk Soap

My First Pure Goat's Milk Soap - No water used
Jackie's First Handmade Soap
My brave friend Jackie wanted to learn how to make handmade soap for a while now.  She finally decided to do it when her goat "Snoopy" started producing milk.  We already have this date scheduled before the coronavirus self quarantine was imposed.  So we continued with the session but did it online through facetime instead of being in our houses where kids abound and with both of us being medical laboratory scientists.  Just for precaution...

Congratulations Jackie for making your first handmade soap using only goat's milk for liquid. 

Thank you Jackie very much for Snoopy's milk.  I get to try doing all goat's milk soap without investing too much on it.

Meet "Snoopy", she likes snooping, Jackie said "it is because she is always checking my sleeves for mysteries.  May have treats, maybe not.  She doesn't know but she checks them".

This is our set-up, an ice water bath to prevent the sugars in the milk from scorching.  It is always better to use cold almost slushy or even frozen milk with this recipe so the milk don't get too hot when you add the lye.  Usually I only do half milk or cream and let the lye dissolved in water first and then allow it to cool down before adding the milk/cream.  This is my first full goat's milk no water added to this batch.
Jackie decided to incorporate oatmeal and poppy seed to her batch.
I kept mine plain.

We did not use any fragrance or essential oils for this batch.  This batch include only olive oil, coconut oil, goat's milk and lye.  As you can see in the above pictures, I kept my soap plain and Jackie decided to add oatmeal and poppy seed to hers to give that pretty texture.

While the moms were making cold process goat's milk soap.  Jackie's kids also made melt and pour soap.  Look at how cute they turned out.  They used orange/lemon zest and food coloring to add color and texture to the final product.

Here is the video of our goat's milk soap making using facetime session.  Hopefully we can do this side by side next time.


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