Monday, May 22, 2017


This was made for a friend who ordered for candles in "Agave" scent.  Of course I have to make a soap version of it as well.   She did not give me a deadline and I have been procrastinating a little bit. I made this a couple weeks ago, just was not able to post yet.  Months of April and May just came and almost gone so fast.

Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, Rice Bran, Palm and Castor added with Mango butter.

Green, yellow and white colors.

White used as the base and green and yellow alternately poured in the middle.

Gave the yellow a little swirl.

Topped with white then poured leftover yellow and green in the middle.

Off the mold.

Thank you for stopping by.  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lavender Essential Oil and Shea Butter "Butterfly Swirl"

This batch was specially made for a friend who loves Lavender Essential oil.  Thank you "M" for your order.  "M" wants her soap to be colorful and the addition of shea butter made the soap feels great to the skin and visually look so creamy.

Colors used were brown, white, green, yellow, pink and lavender. Scented with Lavender Essential oil.

After pouring the white base, I alternate the different colors in the middle of the mold.

Covered the colors with white so the colors are not seen on top and will allow me to play with the top without disturbing the design inside.  Then using the kids regular straw size play thing that I know they will not miss, I inserted the straw thingy and drag out a little swirl with it.

I have no definite reason about the way I colored the top.  This is what my instinct told me to do and I just added the different colors the way I brain told me.

This was how the colors end up after I used up all the leftover soap batter.

Gave the colors a little swirl through out the mold.

Made another swirl diagonally.

Removed the soap after two days in the mold just to be sure they come out intact.  Nothing got stuck.

I am so happy with how it turned out.  Hope "M" is happy with them.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Shamrock soap

Good Luck soap made with shamrock melt and pour soap on one side and treasures on the other.  This part came out as envisioned.  The challenged was in the making of the rainbow.    As you can see above, the rainbow got a little distorted.

The  project started out with the preparation of the rainbow colors, the shamrocks and the treasures.

Ingredients include the following oils, coconut, olive, rice bran, palm, mango butter and castor oil and Cranberry Chutney fragrance oil from Brambleberry.

Blue was dropped to the white to create the sky.

Red was poured on top of the sky.

Yellow and green.

Blue soap.

Treasures added on top of purple.

Covered the rainbow with a layer of sky and sprinkled with green and red glitters.

Added the clover leaves when the soap batter was not too soft and can keep the leaf upright without sinking.

Removed from the mold a day after.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Tarragon and Bergamot Soap

Made with Coconut oil, Olive oil, Rice Bran oil, Palm oil, Mango Butter and Castor oil.

Scented with Bergamot and Tarragon fragrance oil.

I planned to do another flower batch hence the piping bag.

The saponification took too long to thicken to the right piping consistency.

Changed my plan from piping to pouring. Had a layer of white and alternately poured pink and green in two rows.

Covered the pink and green with a top layer of white then I drizzle some pink and green batter.

Swirled the colors around randomly.

Poured the leftover pink and green in a lego mold.  Come visit this blog again to see what I plan for these little guys

Still have some more green and pink batter, so I poured them in a small oval mold and swirled each pink with green and vice versa.

This batch took two days to get hard enough to be removed from the mold.

The ends were still tacky and did not come out of the mold.

Some batter in the ends stayed behind.  I tried fixing the loaf and it still have gaps but I was able to get 5 bars that were not damage and 4 with cracks.

Thank you for visiting and come back to see what I will do with the lego guys.