Thursday, January 8, 2015

Handmade Soap Dishes

BT soap dishes handmade by a friend and a local pottery artist.  She designed some sample soap dishes specially for KCK Soaps.  The dishes have holes which would allow water to drain off the soaps.  Simply Perfect for handmade soaps.

 Please check them out and send me a message. They are now available individually or as set with the soaps. Just let me know. We can also custom design according to your desire of colors and shapes, just let us know what you prefer.
This leaf handmade soap dish in green goes perfectly with the Hidden Ivy.
This glittery blue dish is just the right one for the Heart Swirl.
Red, black and white combinations for the Chocolate Dipped Fruit.
Last but not least a golden clay for the Lemongrass Verbena.
Hope you guys like all these soap dishes and enjoy this new adventure I have with my pottery friend BT.
Thank you very much.

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